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Frank Bagnasco is the president and CEO of Nasco Aerospace and Electronics LLC.

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Frank Bagnasco is the president and CEO of Nasco Aerospace and Electronics LLC. Frank is a well-diverse executive with a broad array of experience in electronic component manufacturing, component design, Electrical engineering and distributors.

As CEO, Frank leads the company’s mission to provide quality products, through a network of trusted supply chain partnerships, while providing analytic solutions to the Defense sector, Aerospace industry and many other industries that demand the highest quality while reducing lead time and costs.

Frank, attended Farmingdale State College, and started his career in Applications engineering for General Instruments Corporation and later became the President and CEO of Nasco Aerospace and Electronics. He has been the head of Nasco since its inception in September 2001, and continues to grow the company as an authorized parts distributor and trusted suppliers for the DLA Defence Logistic agency. Much of Nasco’s early success has been in the development of Counterfeit Avoidance Process & Policies, the implementation of Supply Chain Solutions. in the early 2000 Frank was instrumental in solving component quality issues, he hired a NASA component engineer and formulated a four-tier process to help mitigate suspect components entering the United States. In 2010 Nasco started the aerospace division and soon became a leading supplier to many of the world's largest airlines, MRO and aircraft manufacturers by stocking rotables, expendables, aerospace metals and consumables.

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